Rescheduling MYCGL Games

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Schedules, Postponements, Cancellations and Make-ups 


1. Every effort will be made by the MYCGL to issue schedules in a timely manner. 


2. All requests for special scheduling must be made four weeks prior to the end of the current schedule.  Any changes needed after that date are the responsibility of the team/program.


3. In case of inclement weather, unless instructed by the MYCGL that the game has been canceled, teams should call the rink.  If the rink is open, the game should be played.  If the two teams decide not to play, the make-up game is the responsibility of the teams/programs. 


**4.  Teams/Progams needing to request a change in the schedule must do so three weeks prior to the scheduled game.  Every effort will be made to accommodate a game switch, but if it is not possible because other teams are unavailable, the team requesting the change must either play or make up the game.   

Canceling team will have 30-days to provide a sheet of ice, two referees and one timekeeper for a makeup game at their home rink at their cost as well as pay a $100 fine.  If the non-canceling team refuses a makeup date, only one more offer of makeup ice is required from the canceling team. If the second offer is refused, the game is entered as a 0-0 tie and with no makeup. If no makeup ice is offered by the canceling team by the end of the season, the game is entered as a forfeit and the canceling team will play a double game charge . If no ice is available, the league will supply ice and charge the team requesting the cancelation.   

 5. All make-up games must be completed before end of the season.  A double charge per game will be billed for programs not completing makeup games. 

 6. Coaches/Team Reps will have 48 hours after the completed game to either enter game scores on the website, or email the scores to the league followed by mailing the white gamesheet. The white gamesheet is the responsibility of the winning coach/team rep. In the case of a tie, the home team's coach/team rep should mail the gamesheet. The league is considering a monetary fine if scores and/or gamesheets are missing.


MYC Makeup Games Owed

  • Note - All makeup games must be completed before the regular season ends for U18 on 11/22-23, and U10-14 on 3/14-15 to avoid a double charge and $100 fine.  
  • All makeup ice is the responsibility of the canceling program along with referees and a scorekeeper.

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