Tryout Process

Tryout Process

The tryout process has been designed and developed by the NYHA Board of Directors to achieve objective and accurate player evaluation. Tryout coordinators, evaluators, and coaches are volunteers putting in a huge amount of time and personal commitment to ensure that the process is carried out in a consistent manner. That said, aside from a scheduling conflict or injury issue, we strongly discourage any contact with either the Tryout Coordinator or the Evaluators by parents before, during, and after the tryout process as it presents a clear conflict of interest.  Furthermore, once teams are announced all placements are final. Contacting the Director of Tryouts, the Head Evaluator, or other members of the NYH board will not change your child’s placement. 

We understand that there will be scheduling conflicts and other issues that may arise during the tryout period. We ask that parents send an email to the Director of Tryouts detailing any conflict that your child may have. Each case will be assessed by the Director of Tryouts and the Tryout Coordinator for that specific group. We will use all information at our disposal to make a reasonable placement decision based on the facts of each situation. It is strongly encouraged that players attend all of their scheduled sessions. 


Tryout Timing and Sessions:

Dates and times for each age group will be posted shortly after the registration period ends.

1st Session – Total group will be split alphabetically. 

2nd and 3rd Sessions – Players will be split into 2 or 3 groups based on results of the evaluators’ assessment of overall hockey ability from the first session.


Prior Year Placement

Placement on prior year team does not guarantee placement for the next season. A returning player may be moved down 1 team level if deemed appropriate during the tryout process and through coach evaluations that other players are stronger candidates and should be placed on the team ahead of a returning player. Placement is based on ability.


Absent or Injured Player Policy

Players who are not able to attend some or all tryouts sessions will be placed on a team based on their tryout performance for the portion they are able to attend and/or feedback from coaches' evaluations. If a player doesn't attend any of the tryouts you will be placed on the bottom team for your age group. The Evaluators and Director of Tryouts do their best to make a fair and equitable decision.


Parent Attendance Policy

While we recommend not staying at the rink, if a parent plan to stay at the rink, please stay away from the bench area, and do not make contact with your child. This is their experience--let them have it.

Encourage your son/daughter to do the best they can, listen to the coaches, and have fun.

Good luck.

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